Medical/Military Specialty Vehicle

Slotan Nigeria Limited is a reseller of state-of-the-art specialty
CT Defensehas granted Slotan Nigeria Limited the right to market and
sell the line of Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s) they produce. The purpose
of this letter is to humbly request your time and audience for a Webinar
to demonstrate how our Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) could help deliver
healthcare in Nigeria.

The MMU could be a key tool for healthcare delivery, particularly during
a pandemic that has caused many stationery facilities to be overwhelmed
with sick patients. Given its mobile nature, the MMU has the unique
ability to reach rural areas, vulnerable communities, typically
underserved populations, the underinsured and uninsured, as well as
internally displaced people (IDPs).

• A simple, quick and elegant solution to increased medical demand.
• Localized onsite testing and examinations.
• Medium-term care for the worst days of illness (ICU units available).
• Long-term care to relieve overwhelmed hospitals.
• An external, contained medical unit.
• Advanced technology including a unique sanitization entrance/exit and
sterile negative pressure clinic conditions.
While COVID-19 brought most of Nigeria and the rest of the world to a
standstill, the healthcare sector has become increasingly busy and
overwhelmed in the effort to contain the global pandemic.
Healthcare facilities and medical staff are currently overburdened by
the growing needs caused by the outbreak. They continue with work
tirelessly, knowing that they are daily at risk of being infected
themselves. This risk has caused an overall reluctance of civilians to
come to health facilities and seek medical attention due to the fear
that the facility or the staff might be infected. It is a challenge for
the healthcare system to continue delivering the required medical care
related to not only the pandemic (Coronavirus, Ebola or Lassa Fever),
but also to treat other health conditions such as chronic illnesses,
emergencies and pregnancy, for example.
This is why governments around the world are taking important steps to
help bolster healthcare delivery at such a critical time as this.
The CT Defense Mobile Medical Unit is one such solution. Our MMU’s are
mobile, durable and customizable, making them the best current
healthcare delivery units available in response to the COVID-19
pandemic. These mobile vehicles could provide a variety of services
during the current outbreak and in future outbreaks of Ebola or Lassa
Our MMU’s can act as stand-alone testing sites or serve as mega-sites
for COVID-19 testing in hospital parking lots. They could be deployed to
provide telecare, conduct social-service outreach programs, or to
provide information in multiple languages on Coronavirus, Lassa Fever or
Ebola. They could be used to educate the public on how to avoid the
spread of the virus and to quell misinformation, especially within
socio-economically underserved populations in rural areas.
A number of our Mobile Medical Units are currently providing primary
care, prevention, testing, and follow-up care for geriatrics, newborns,
TB patients and those with other chronic diseases. The ability to treat
these populations in a separate external facility allows hospitals to
focus their resources on fighting the pandemic.
Our MMU’s are not just critical for the coming weeks of the pandemic,
but also during any national emergencies that might arise in the future.
Besides its role during COVID-19, the CT Defense MMU also provides value
to society in its potential to play a vital role in reaching the poor,
rural, displaced, and underserved populations of Nigeria. The MMU helps
deliver quality healthcare at a reduced cost and could also help
garnering trust within society as the unit would enable treatment of
these populations in their own communities.
Our Mobile Medical Units have been engineered with safety in mind. They
feature a unique sanitization entrance/exit and sterile negative
pressure clinic conditions, helping prevent the spread of illness.
The CT Defense MMU’s in the USA are proving to be invaluable considering
the critical role they are playing in delivering healthcare where and
when it is most needed.
As a medical healthcare professional, I believe it would be a wise
decision for you to invest in our MMU’s as they offer a wide range of
services, giving you flexibility, enabling expansion and helping address
current and future health crises.
As the units are customizable, we can work together to meet your
specific needs and requirements.
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CTElavo- Mobile Medical Clinic (pdf)